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1. A step in a staircase.
2. stairsteps A staircase.
3. One of a series of objects or items grouped progressively according to height.
tr. & intr.v. stair·stepped, stair·step·ping, stair·steps
To position or be positioned progressively according to height: images stairstepped on a computer screen; ledges stairstepping down a mountainside.
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or stair′-step`,

n., v. -stepped, -step•ping,
adj. n.
1. a step in a staircase.
2. stairsteps, stairs; a staircase.
3. Often, stairsteps. a group of persons or things whose relative size, height, etc., suggests the graduated level of steps in a staircase.
4. to occur or move in a pattern suggesting the steps of a staircase.
5. resembling the steps of a staircase.
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To commune with ourselves, we must trek two hours to Stanardsville, a town on the edge of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains whose population has stairstepped down over the years to 384 people, a country store and this wooded plot, which, before 20 tiny houses arrived this fall, was an RV campground called Heavenly Acres.
Artichoke, with its prominent backlit acrylic display wall and tidy run of stairstepped wood and metal shelving that reaches from the front to the back of the store, doesn't look like the average kitchenware shop.
So whether it's through a stairstepped career in multiple institutions or through other means, find ways to experience how different organizations work.
Water surrounds the house on three sides; it flows from a source pool, then under a covered footbridge connecting the main house to a guesthouse, to trickle over a stairstepped stone wall into the lower pool pictured here.
Their stairstepped, shadowy forms were visible in the passenger seats as she drove away from the Child Care Center on Mondays and Wednesdays after class.
89, and from atop a series of stairstepped ridges the skyline of downtown Little Rock is visible across the rolling woodlands of Camp Robinson to the south.
Beyond the stairstepped tub partition, sliding mirror-faced closet doors hide additional storage, while visually expanding and brightening the room.
Photo: Stairstepped pot sizes are emphasized by putting tulips in taller containers.
The dominant sculpture is a bronze architectural work by Herk Van Tongeren combining column, obelisk, and sphere on a stairstepped base.
Photo: Stairstepped pyraimd and squarish sunset tower rise from the desert, balancing each other across the courtyard
Stairstepped blocks at the upper corners further reduce the sense of division.
Steeper than neighboring sites, this Pacific Palisades property remained vacant for 40 years after tract houses stairstepped up and down adjacent lots.