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1. A step in a staircase.
2. stairsteps A staircase.
3. One of a series of objects or items grouped progressively according to height.
tr. & intr.v. stair·stepped, stair·step·ping, stair·steps
To position or be positioned progressively according to height: images stairstepped on a computer screen; ledges stairstepping down a mountainside.
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or stair′-step`,

n., v. -stepped, -step•ping,
adj. n.
1. a step in a staircase.
2. stairsteps, stairs; a staircase.
3. Often, stairsteps. a group of persons or things whose relative size, height, etc., suggests the graduated level of steps in a staircase.
4. to occur or move in a pattern suggesting the steps of a staircase.
5. resembling the steps of a staircase.
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GBD proposes a stairstepping podium massing that opens to O'Bryant Square across Washington.
In some cases, these reserving problems--when perpetuated on a large scale--led to issues that were much more far-reaching than the original problem of stairstepping reserves or if reserve development was thought to be excessive.
For example, some companies that were appropriately concerned about significant reserve development or reserve stairstepping instituted programs in which adjusters were required to report to the client or risk manager, should reserves reached a specific threshold.
The ramp feature indeed shows the degree of stairstepping expected of a build with 0.020 mm layers.
With flat screen we can control the deposition better; we can control the line so that there is no stairstepping or broken images."
* This house impressed the jury because its almost iconic form and elemental palette of materials--a simple wood-and-glass gable rising out of a stairstepping platform of rustic stone--so perfectly suit the forested setting.
developed a "stairstepping" process for conflict resolution that offers legitimate alternate avenues that allow employees to circumvent immediate supervisors, if necessary, to resolve problems;
This would involve 2-3 non-consecutive days per week of 20-30 minutes of running, cycling, stairstepping, or any combination of these or other similar activities.
To insert multiple preprints, Kirk recommends stairstepping -- putting different inserts into stacks of different heights, arranged from highest in the back to lowest in the front.
Jacobsen reported that his participants' judgments of image quality encompassed effects that are referred to commonly as color banding, stairstepping, and roping.
Another helps tame a sloping site by dividing it into usable stairstepping levels, complete with built-in planters and a barbecue area.
The Casterlines narrowed the old door opening with a stairstepping wall, then added a long arbor and a center gate.