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 (stə-lăk′tīt′, stăl′ək-)
An icicle-shaped mineral deposit, usually calcite or aragonite, hanging from the roof of a cavern, formed from the dripping of mineral-rich water.

[New Latin stalactītēs, from Greek stalaktos, dripping, from stalassein, stalak-, to drip.]

sta·lac′ti·form′ adj.
stal′ac·tit′ic (stăl′ăk-tĭt′ĭk, stə-lăk′-) adj.
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On some specimens, quartz epimorphs after anhydrite form attractive finger-shaped aggregates 3 to 6 cm long (one stalactiform specimen is almost 20 cm long).
Excellent stalactiform specimens (to over 5 cm long) were also found in the 19th century.
Hemant Merchant of Mineral Decor in India ( came to Houston with about 20 pretty cabinet-size specimens of stalactiform chalcedony found in late February of this year in a basalt quarry near Jamner, Maharashtra, India.