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Below some small masses of guano at Ascension, and on the Abrolhos Islets, I found certain stalactitic branching bodies, formed apparently in the same manner as the thin white coating on these rocks.
Stalactitic forms are recorded within tufa deposits in open vertical fractures formed by dripping of infiltrating carbonate water.
We saw a beautiful large specimen of gem calcite on a stalactitic quartz matrix.
Thrombolite surfaces lining fenestrac in the upper part of the mound are locally encrusted by microcrystalline stalagmitic and stalactitic deposits (Fig.
He crumples aluminum foil into various formless forms - balls, drops, stalactitic shapes - or he rolls it into a creeping vine, an Ariadne's thread connecting every object in his labyrinthine installations.
This interior is his most exuberantly decorative so far; composed of coloured walls and columns, a shimmering stalactitic ceiling and playful furniture, it yet has industrial ruggedness.
In a Chinese booth nearby I found a few pale lavender stalactitic fluorite specimens with pyrite balls.
An old Arizpe miner interviewed by Wayne Thompson in 1972 described seeing a walk-in vug festooned with stalactitic arborescent wire silver studded with dark crystals of silver sulfides.
In January 2006, stalactitic fluorite, vermiform schorl and stellate groups of opaque white beryl were collected for the first time.