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 (stä′läg′, stăl′ăg′)
A German prisoner of war camp for officers and enlisted personnel.

[German, short for Stammlager, base camp : Stamm, base, stem (from Middle High German stam, from Old High German; see stā- in Indo-European roots) + Lager, camp, bed (from Middle High German leger, from Old High German legar, bed, lair; see lager).]
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(ˈstælæɡ; German ˈʃtalak)
(Historical Terms) a German prisoner-of-war camp in World War II, esp for noncommissioned officers and other ranks
[short for Stammlager base camp, from Stamm base (related to stem1) + Lager camp]
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(ˈstæl əg, ˈstɑ lɑg)

a German military camp in World War II for prisoners of war.
[1940–45; < German, short for Sta(mm)lag(er)=Stamm cadre, main body + Lager camp]
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His interest in this subject led Libsker to Eli Eshed, a researcher of popular Israeli culture and pulp literature, who examined the "stalag" phenomenon.
In this memoir, Clark describes his experiences as a prisoner of war at Stalag Luft III and his involvement in planning and implementing escapes from the camp.
Another replica is that of the wooden horse used in 1943 by Eric Williams, Michael Codner and Oliver Philpot, at Stalag Luft III to make the only successful 'home run' from the East Compound.
The visual images his films gave the world are seared into moviegoers' minds: Marilyn Monroe's gust-blown skirt in "The Seven Year Itch," Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis dressed as women in "Some Like It Hot," Ray Milland's tortured battle with alcoholism in "The Lost Weekend," William Holden's cynical POW in "Stalag 17" and Gloria Swanson's aging movie star in "Sunset Boulevard."
The Great Escape was immortalised in the 1963 film starring Sir Richard Attenborough and Steve McQueen, documenting the prisoners' daring bid for freedom from Stalag.
Boss Daniel Daley said: "The lapel pin awarded by the Caterpillar Club to van der Stok has real historical interest due to its personal connection to a wartime aviation hero also hugely admired for escaping Stalag Luft III."
Editor's Note: On February 6,1945, as the Soviets approached Stalag Luft IV, guards forced nearly 8,000 POWs to set out on a grueling, two-month, 500-mile march.
POW barracks huts in the East Compound of Stalag Luft III (Sagan, Poland circa 1942)--looking north to the pine forest and grain elevator--were constructed of wood and set on concrete blocks so German anti-escape guards could spot any illegal activity under them, while armed sentries surveyed the compound from towers strategically placed along the outside fencing, (IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUMS, HU-21013)
Builders David Dunn and Johnnie Tait at Stalag Luft III in Poland >where they built the watchtower
Only 32 of its 141 pages are Horrigan's narrative of his USAAF time, incarceration in a Stalag, and return to civilian life.