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 (stə-lăg′mīt′, stăl′əg-)
A conical mineral deposit, usually calcite or aragonite, built up on the floor of a cavern, formed from the dripping of mineral-rich water.

[New Latin stalagmītēs, a drop, from Greek stalagma, a drop, or stalagmos, dropping, both from stalassein, stalak-, to drip.]

stal′ag·mit′ic (stăl′əg-mĭt′ĭk, stə-lăg′-) adj.
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Laid out like a vaguely spooky stage-set hollow, a rectangle of hallucinatory enchantment closed off from the rest of the gallery by a black scrim dotted with ritualistic white hash marks, Ronay's forest of signs is packed with phallic stumps and vaginal oculi, cavclike dens, stalagmitic eruptions, dripping garlands of sculpted seedpods, and fallen trunks on which mushrooms (presumably magic ones) grow.
But even more perfectly, the legs and trunk follow--echo, I think in the acoustic cave--the vertical shape of the stalagmitic flow.
Reliability of thermoluminescence dating of stalagmitic calcite.