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Verb1.stalinise - transform in accordance with Stalin's policies; "Russia was slowly stalinized after Lenin's death"
transform, transmute, transubstantiate - change or alter in form, appearance, or nature; "This experience transformed her completely"; "She transformed the clay into a beautiful sculpture"; "transubstantiate one element into another"
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Ensuite, dans le contexte politique international et portugais des annees 1960-70, cette elite peut legitimer cet imaginaire par un discours marxiste stalinise. Le << marxisme >> n'est pas cause, mais aboutissement et le Frelimo n'est jamais devenu un parti communiste.
It would appear there have been attempts to Stalinise Brian Dempsey.
What motivated the 'Stalinists' in their attempts to 'Stalinise' the communist parties (the term 'Stalinization' was, of course, never used at the time)?