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1. Loyal and resolute: a stalwart ally; stalwart support.
2. Strong and imposing: a stalwart oak tree.
One who steadfastly supports an organization or cause: party stalwarts.

[Middle English, alteration of stalworth, from Old English stǣlwierthe, serviceable, probably alteration of *statholwierthe, steadfast : stathol, foundation; see staddle + weorth, valuable; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

stal′wart·ly adv.
stal′wart·ness n.


adv fight, opposetapfer, unentwegt; supporttreu; believeunerschütterlich; builtkräftig
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Launching a tea-based chilled drink in a countrythat stalwartly regards tea as something that should only be served hot doesn't seem like the most sensible approach for a start-up company.
Stalwartly anti-communist, Bethell in his books such as Betrayed, strongly supported the Anglo-American efforts to overthrow the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe.
One priest dinner guest for years stalwartly fielded intense adolescent questions about Satan and exorcisms.
To know that the longtime sponsor of this journal, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, stalwartly supports its continuing publication and its editorial autonomy and integrity, it goes without saying, is a distinctly large and encouraging consideration in enabling its collaborators to see their thoughts in print and in discussion.
That is why, as a matter of personal and ethnic pride, Menelaus along with the other Achaeans fights stalwartly to try and prevent Hector's stripping of Patroclus's corpse.
While the author is aware that most nationalist leaders in Poznan were secularists, he demonstrates that the majority of Poles and Germans dwelling there stalwartly identified with their religious traditions, each of which helped shape and sustain their nationalist convictions.
Instead of being villainized for their dishonesty, Jack and Ennis are lionized as men who stalwartly kept their extramarital, homosexual relationship alive in spite of cultural injunctions against such behavior.
34) Even governments stalwartly behind the war are under siege from their populations.
They laugh, then sit stalwartly, watching the roiling ocean.
It would be not so much an empty world as a blurry, frictionless one: no sharp outlines would separate one part of the uniform plenum from the other; there would be no resistance against which to stumb a toe or test a theory or struggle stalwartly.
He could have been talking about the chorusmaster Joseph Cullen, who despite heavy downpours both in Dover and Reims, has stalwartly worn shorts since leaving Huddersfield.
As a traditionalist,he stalwartly resisted the new music with his slogan,``No Rock and Roll,No Jiving and No Teenagers''.