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1. Loyal and resolute: a stalwart ally; stalwart support.
2. Strong and imposing: a stalwart oak tree.
One who steadfastly supports an organization or cause: party stalwarts.

[Middle English, alteration of stalworth, from Old English stǣlwierthe, serviceable, probably alteration of *statholwierthe, steadfast : stathol, foundation; see staddle + weorth, valuable; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

stal′wart·ly adv.
stal′wart·ness n.
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adv fight, opposetapfer, unentwegt; supporttreu; believeunerschütterlich; builtkräftig
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The victims were left "shocked" and "distressed" by the thefts, but stalwartly continued giving lessons that day.
It praised her for a "husky quietness, and you hear the fragile heart beating beneath the stalwartly corseted form."
Vassanji notes in No New Land that "We are but creatures of our origins, and however stalwartly we march forward, paving new roads, seeking new worlds, the ghosts from our past stand not far behind and are not easily shaken off" (9).
He smoothly swings from a lovesick puppy besotted with fiancee Elaine (Barbara Jance) to a stalwartly loyal, albeit neurotic, family man, pulling out all the stops to keep his aunts' skeletons literally hidden in the closet, nay, cellar.
At 96 years of age, the former president stalwartly insists that his life goal of 'bringing happiness to the people of Taiwan' remains his priority.
These two men were George Sullivan, patent attorney at Lockheed Aircraft, and Charles Dorchester, who became best known for stalwartly carrying the concern that became ArmaLite forward for almost half a century.
(3) Nonetheless, production for subsistence and related strategies of tax evasion continued to provide an appealing 'exit option' (Hyden, 1980) for certain segments of the rural population, and particularly for Kenya's stalwartly non-agriculturalist groups of pastoralists and foragers.
Chang, on the other hand, stalwartly insisted upon the disjunction between the world of literature and the world on the ground.
In other cases, increased precipitation or drought stalwartly disturbs rodent population dynamics, as it deters food availability.
"Brexit earthquake has happened, and the rubble will take years to clear," declared the title of a column by Rafael Behr in the U.K.'s Guardian, a stalwartly pro-EU, left-wing daily.
Ma'am Afshan who stalwartly protected her students by accosting the demons.
Symancyk, stalwartly seek to instill their purpose-driven mindset, homespun Midwestern sensibilities and an empowered sense of stewardship into the extended family of Meijer associates, to deliver on the company's enduring customer-centric mission.