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 (stā′mə-nōd′, stăm′ə-) also stam·i·no·di·um (stā′mə-nō′dē-əm, stăm′ə-)
n. pl. stam·i·nodes also stam·i·no·di·a (-nō′dē-ə)
A sterile stamen, sometimes resembling a petal, as in the flower of a canna.

[New Latin stāminōdium, from Latin stāmen, stāmin-, thread; see stamen.]


(ˈstæmɪˌnəʊd) or


n, pl -nodes or -nodia (-ˈnəʊdɪə)
(Botany) a stamen that produces no pollen
[C19: from stamen + -ode1]
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For Watson and Dallwitz (1992-), a staminode is a sterile stamen, or a modified structure identifiable as such, borne in the androecial region of the flower.
Commonly the odd stamen is more or less reduced to a staminode or even lacking.
Pollination by deceit in Paphiopedilum barbigerum (Orchidaceae): a staminode exploits the innate colour preferences of hoverflies (Syrphidae).
In Heliconia, a single stamen develops as an infertile, often callose, staminode (Kirchoff et al.
The adaxial and abaxial stamen pairs show various degrees of asymmetry; either pair can be missing entirely or develop only as staminodes, or there may be a fifth stamen or staminode present in the adaxial median position.
Florets dimorphic; marginal florets female with staminodes, corollas bilabiate, outer lip expanded; central florets bisexual, corolla actinomorphic, tubular-funnelform, deeply five-lobed; anther apical appendages apiculate, tails papillose; style bilobed, branches dorsally smooth.
Florets dimorphic; marginal florets female, with well developed staminodes, corolla bilabiate, with an expanded outer lip; central florets bisexual, corolla bilabiate; anther apical appendages acute, tails papillose; style bilobed, branches dorsally papillose.
2 mm in diameter, glabrous, stigma branches three, white, linear, 1-2 mm long, recurved; staminodes white, laminar, triangular, ca.
presence of staminodes, short and long stamens) that are found in some floral formulae cannot be recorded.
Fully hardy and into flower around mid April, the nodding, long, 3 in petals are snow white with yellow-tipped white staminodes (the brush like stamens in the centre).
The petals are actually white, with prominent yellow staminodes.
3 mm long; staminodes six, rose-colored, laminar at the base, linear-triangular, ca.