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 (stā′mə-nōd′, stăm′ə-) also stam·i·no·di·um (stā′mə-nō′dē-əm, stăm′ə-)
n. pl. stam·i·nodes also stam·i·no·di·a (-nō′dē-ə)
A sterile stamen, sometimes resembling a petal, as in the flower of a canna.

[New Latin stāminōdium, from Latin stāmen, stāmin-, thread; see stamen.]


(ˌstæm əˈnoʊ di əm)

also stam•i•node

(ˈstæm əˌnoʊd)

n., pl. -no•di•a (-ˈnoʊ di ə) also -nodes.
a sterile or abortive stamen.
[1815–25; < New Latin; see stamen, -ode1, -ium2]
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0 cm blade Staminodium Absent Absent/Present Absent Nectary One bidentate Two glands 0.
It is clear that the decision to recognize a lately arising primordium as a staminodium or merely as a secondary receptacular emergence is often a matter of subjective appreciation and is extremely difficult to assess.