stamp pad

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Noun1.stamp pad - a block of absorbent material saturated with inkstamp pad - a block of absorbent material saturated with ink; used to transfer ink evenly to a rubber stamp
block - a solid piece of something (usually having flat rectangular sides); "the pyramids were built with large stone blocks"
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About Shachihata Shachihata was founded in 1925 and began sales of the Mannen Stamp Pad in the same year.
Flexo, Security, and Stamp Pad is sell as dyes for Specialty Coatings.
The kit contains two Art Grip Aquarelle Pencils, one Pitt artist brush pen, 20 sheets of paper in original designs and trendy prints, gesso, lace, stamps, and a stamp pad to use in creating artist trading cards (or any other project you can imagine).
Press the stamp pad onto the stamp for a more even coating," she said.
blank index cards 1 lined index card markers pencil with eraser (optional) stamp pad (optional) 2 large craft sticks 2 rubber bands tacky glue
NeoPaint's famous Stamp Pad, 3D objects and popular natural media tools including charcoal, crayon, chalk, ink, watercolor and oil paint, are all here in enhanced form.
When the glue is completely dry you can use the stamp pad to try out your design.
Paper, a stamp pad, some fruit, and some carving tools are all you need.
Then gather paper ink stamp pad (washable ink is best), crayons or markers, and a damp paper towel.
Size (Glass), Stapler (Big Size), Kanqaroo Stapler (small size), Kanqaroo, Stamp Pad, Stamp Pad ink (Black), Stapler Pin (Big size, Copper), Stapler Pin (Small size.
Without the use of a stamp pad, it can stamp more than 100 times per inking.