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For that is the pity of the adventure-path, which is one of John Barleycorn's favourite stamping grounds.
In their stamping grounds in the jungle the three were familiar figures.
Since the loss of his mate, a great longing had possessed him to return to the haunts of his youth--to the untracked jungle wilderness where he had lived the life he loved best long before man had invaded the precincts of his wild stamping grounds.
The adventure decided me never again to leave the limits of my prescribed stamping grounds until I was ready to venture forth for good and all, as it would certainly result in a curtailment of my liberties, as well as the probable death of Woola, were we to be discovered.
You'd have to go farther west to find my stamping grounds.
I'm sorry I frightened you out of your favorite stamping ground," he said rather aimlessly.