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Noun1.stamping machine - a power tool that stamps; "a metal stamper"
power tool - a tool driven by a motor
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I simply want your opinion about a hydraulic stamping machine which has got out of gear.
Some worked at the stamping machines, and it was very seldom that one could work long there at the pace that was set, and not give out and forget himself and have a part of his hand chopped off.
MMPCs Stamping shop facility contains the biggest stamping machine in the Philippines, reflecting the commitment of Mitsubishi Motors to the localization of automotive manufacturing in the country.
A year later a hot foil stamping machine for security papers and banknotes was designed and developed.
Across the field, local artist Steve La Riccia, who creates interactive steampunk creations, is punching out letters on a World War II-era metal stamping machine to create a dog tag for one child.
The 3DHS technology requires the use of a specially tailored system composed of a 3DHS hot stamping foil, a hot stamping die, and a hot stamping machine.
The press shop bay also had to have its footprint extended by almost 50%, compared to the previous stamping machine.
The press shop bay also had to have its footprint extended by almost 50 per cent, compared to the previous stamping machine.
I have seen around factories in the Midlands where, in darker corners, people are still shaving plastic off moulded parts with Stanley knives or spending their entire shift repeatedly lifting the handle on a stamping machine.
Last year, police believed they had smashed a massive forgery ring, seizing fake cash and an authentic MoT stamping machine, stolen from a legitimate garage.
Contract award notice: : modernization of 1 stamping machine mr 340 dz2-012018
Jesus Crispin Remulla's statement in an interview that an overheated insulation stamping machine caused the fire, gutting a factory that housed wood and other combustible materials.