stand apart

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w>stand apart

vi (lit)abseitsstehen; (fig)sich fernhalten; to stand apart from the othersabseitsstehen
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What makes us stand apart from the crowd is the dedication to provide the best product to the clients without making any compromise on the quality part.
Savvy recruiters who stand apart from the crowd know the value of spreading the word about their good work, so there's no better reason for entering.
Ponting feels Kohli's obsession and desire to succeed makes him stand apart among peers Ponting feels Kohli's obsession and desire to succeed makes him stand apart among peers
Client Choice awards are presented by International Law Office and Lexology, and recognize those law firm partners around the world that stand apart for the excellent client service they provide, based on a survey of corporate counsel.
Personalized customer service makes this company stand apart from the rest and continually has repeat and referral business.
First looks at the 8-piece Alial Fital Chambers Bay Inspired Collection began June 8 on the AF website's "Stand Apart" Style Journal.
The film, whose characters are meant to stand apart from the upcoming trilogy of 'Star Wars', would be filling the gap between 2015's 'Episode VII' and 'Episode VIII', which is anticipated to come out at least a couple of years later.
This is a hotel that will stand apart from its competitors; it will be incredible".
Global Banking News-December 13, 2012--Sweden opts to stand apart from banking union(C)2012 ENPublishing -
A number that makes sure that wherever you stand, you stand apart"
But in Tribeca, a neighborhood marked by low-rise buildings and sprawling lofts, the New Modernist, glass-construction Reade57, a high-rise with smaller-scale apartments, will stand apart as a residential alternative in the area.
It seems to be created to stand apart from its competitors, which I think it accomplishes.