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Verb1.stand sentinel - watch over so as to protect; "We must stand sentinel to protect ourselves"; "The jewels over which they kept guard were stolen"
guard - to keep watch over; "there would be men guarding the horses"
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They were like finished models meant to stand sentinel on shelves than toys to be roughhoused with.
"It is the duty of our government to stand sentinel, with solemn mien, and lifted nose, and curved paws on top of our little World Power mound, and look out over the wide prairie and bark, if anything suspicious shows up in the horizon."
Ouillette, 51, and Watson, 49, drive for both Lyft and Uber--each keep both apps open and respond to whichever service dings in--and stand sentinel at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Highfill.
At some level you know it is a hope we extinguished long ago, and we have flag posts of collective memories that stand sentinel on the road that led us right to where we are today.
Soldiers stand sentinel with radars on the border line 24 hours a day and launching pads and tanks were positioned on the border.
They stand sentinel over all the Earth, watching over these changes --some even for thousands of years--while producing pattern on a living canvas.
The spectacular Roaches rock formations, which stand sentinel over this area, are a short drive away.
Laid out in seemingly alternating stripes of chicness and tranquility, sprawling boutique hotels stand sentinel over olive groves and golden wheat fields.
Basalt columns stand sentinel; wrapped by undulating, 3/4 -inch steel plate welded and shaped to represent the crashing waves and froth of spray that draws everyone to the coast sooner or later.
Abu Dhabi: The UAE should stand sentinel to bolster its defences against cyber attacks, a researcher said citing unofficial estimates of billions of dirhams of losses caused by these attacks last year.
Today, Comet tanks stand sentinel while men of the 43rd Royal Tank Regiment (6th City Battalion), TA march past the Lord Mayor of Newcastle as he takes the salute at the St George's Day Parade ....
The starkness of the building from this perspective is softened, in summer at least, by the feathery foliage of adjacent willow trees, and as one advances further one looks down on a sward where three figures from Hepworth's Family of Man (1970) stand sentinel.