standard assessment tasks

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standard assessment tasks


standard assessment tests


standard attainment tests

pl n
(Education) education Brit the former name for National TestsAbbreviation: SATS
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The national Standard Assessment Tasks for children in year six, the top year of primary school, run from next Monday to Friday.
Now the much-maligned Standard Assessment Tasks could be on their way out.
(For those who are out of the education loop SATs stands for Standard Assessment Tasks.)
In the primary Year 6 standard assessment tasks, the school was in the lowest 5pc nationally in every subject assessed.
Such is the importance now placed on exams that school pupils in the UK take compulsory national tests known as Standard Assessment Tasks (SATS)from the age of seven.
STANDARD Assessment Tasks, or Sats, are almost useless in judging pupils' performance, new research claims.
Observations on the use of standard assessment tasks in Britain have important lessons for Americans who might be considering the use of similar assessment techniques in a national testing system, Messrs.
Simple paper-and-pencil tests look very inviting to officials when they consider that Standard Assessment Tasks the teachers favored could take up to 10 hours to observe.
Recent SATS (Standard Assessment Tasks) revealed that over 80 per cent of pupils - who learn in classes of about 24 - achieved an overall level five.
The city's achievement are highlighted in results from Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) taken by 11-year-olds this summer.
An analysis of data from the Department for Education and Skills shows Birmingham schools achieved an average aggregate score of 227 in Standard Assessment Tasks compared with 219 the previous year.
The Sats (Standard Assessment Tasks) tables show the percentage of pupils who reached level four or above - an acceptable standard - at 85 Coventry mainstream primary schools.

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