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Noun1.standard poodle - a breed or medium-sized poodles
poodle, poodle dog - an intelligent dog with a heavy curly solid-colored coat that is usually clipped; an old breed sometimes trained as sporting dogs or as performing dogs
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Clearly, the standard poodle has excellent credentials as a working retriever.
The Frykholms built their own house in Grafton, where they live with standard poodles Mitzy and Millie-Jo and more than 20 fish, including one vegetarian shark named Hoover.
The Standard Poodle, on the other hand, was certainly present in England as long ago as 1635 when Prince Rupert was accompanied by one when he went to the aid of Charles I.
Since Elizabeth Cady Standard Poodle, the unofficial Short Takes mascot, has had every costly canine malady except RCCL, we hesitate to ask our local veterinarian for an estimate.
Finally, congratulations to Paisley dog groomer Debbie Wales, whose 12- month-old Standard Poodle, Miss Milli Vanilli, (better known as Millie) won a Very Highly Commended Certificate at Crufts.
He loved tinkering in his out building on his cars and cherished his 1960 Oldsmobile Super 88, in addition to his standard poodle dog, Abbey.
CUTLINE: (1) Left, Sheila Rice of New Milford, Conn., grooms her standard poodle, Basil.
Canines attending included: Pixie, a miniature poodle; Charlie, a standard poodle; and Liza, a toy poodle.
An avid mountain biker, she frequented trails in Massachusetts and Virginia with her black standard poodle, Mattie.
Keating also participated in the NEADS puppy program last year, when they sponsored a NEADS standard poodle named Rocky.
"I come for Mary Lou's sour cream chocolate cake," said Graglenn "Greg" Mitchell of North Leominster, sitting in the shade of a booth with her goldendoodle, Mattie, crossbred from a golden retriever and standard poodle.

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