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Noun1.standard procedure - a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely; "rote memorization has been the educator's standard operating procedure for centuries"
operating procedure - a procedure for operating something or for dealing with a given situation
lockstep - a standard procedure that is followed mindlessly; "the union's support had been in lockstep for years"
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The source pointed out that the standard procedure when a plane suffers an urgent situation is to notify air traffic control and civilian aviation authorities of the country in which the plane is located at the time, which didn't happen at all in the case of the aforementioned Russian plane, adding that Syrian radar systems didn't report anything to the contrary.
However, under off-design occupancy conditions and as it is hard in practice to estimate the actual occupancy in each space, the standard procedure is usually applied using the design occupancy and thereby it will result in over ventilation in certain spaces yielding less than design occupants.
They added: "Our son was two when he went into Crumlin Hospital for a standard procedure in October 2004 but our son Pierce died there.
Are these two points supposed to be standard procedure on dives of the Malta type?
The modified procedure can be used where the employment relationship has come to an end and both parties agree that this procedure can be used instead of the standard procedure.
Scotti followed the standard procedure of forwarding the data to the International Astronomical Union's (IAU) Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass.
96-60 provides two alternative reporting procedures for acquired employees: the standard procedure and the alternative procedure.
The standard procedure," says Mackles, "is for the company to deduct the cost of the monthly lease payment while the employee has to pay tax on imputed income from personal use.
Though both Bradford and Christian clearly appear to have acted in self-defense, their cases were to be presented to a grand jury, which is standard procedure when a shooting results in a death.
In order to use PCR on whole blood, rather than on isolated DNA, Yeung and his coworkers had to modify the standard procedure.

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