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or Stan·dard·bred  (stăn′dərd-brĕd′)
Any of an American breed of trotting and pacing horses developed especially for harness racing by crossing Thoroughbreds with Morgans and other breeds.

[From the fact that in order to be registered as a standardbred, a horse originally had to be able to trot a mile within a standard time of two and a half minutes.]


(ˈstæn dərdˌbrɛd)

(often cap.) any of an American breed of trotting and pacing horses used for harness racing.
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Abnormal radiographic findings in 865 French standardbred trotters and their relationship to racing performance.
Next week we move to Ammanford's all-weather track, with an exciting card including the STAGBI mare's race, sponsored by the Standardbred breed society to encourage the future broodmares of the British Standardbred.
He maintains a passionate interest in animal welfare and is a member of the national Veterinary and Analysts Committees for each code of racing, is chair of Racing Australias Retirement of Racehorses Committee and a member of the Standardbred Welfare Advisory Group for HRA.
Millstone TWP, NJ, August 10, 2014 --( The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), the only globally recognized organization providing standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries, awarded Verified status to Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF), August 5, 2014.
Resynthesis of glycogen in skeletal muscle from standardbred trotters after repeated bouts of exercise.
One of the arguments put forward in favour of AI is that stallion fertility would be improved, but Messara said that view was "at odds with the experience in the standardbred breeding industry [for harness racing] in Australia, where AI is prevalent".
Productions of reactive oxygen species in neutrophils after repeated bouts of exercise in standardbred trotters.
Kunkel was also a partner in J & J Enterprise, which raced Standardbred horses for more than 50 years at tracks from Maine to Florida.
If you need a low-cost horse, look for a backyard-raised Quarter Horse, PMU foals, mustang adoption, or Standardbred adoption programs.
standardbred racecourse, a community gaming centre, and
Other recent leases in the building include Emile Sayegh, Esq., who opened his practice by leasing 1,200 square feet and Standardbred Owners Association, who moved from Westbury Long Island into 4,000 square feet for 10 years.
It involves standardbred horses pulling a two-wheeled cart called a'sulky'and a jockey known as the 'driver'around a track of either one mile or longer.