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Noun1.standardizer - a person who sets a standard for things to conform to
changer, modifier - a person who changes something; "an inveterate changer of the menu"
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The structures were normalized using standardizer (3) and converted to 3D using Corina version 3.494 (Sadowski et al., 1994).
The Ministry of Public Finance, the Romanian accounting standardizer, benefited between 2012 and 2013 from the resources provided by the E.U.
For all the situations analyzed the effect size (ESd) was determined by means of a non-parametric analog of Glass's "delta" statistic, defined by the standardized difference between two medians, taking as standardizer a robust estimator of the standard deviation of the control group (Grissom & Kim, 2005).
Additionally, before performing the linkage, we used a standardizer to minimize the effect of differences in capitalizations, spacing and abbreviations in fields.
With regard to the choice between the two indices, it must be taken into account that when using the total variance as standardizer, this includes all the design sources of variation, which makes it difficult to compare this coefficient to those obtained through other designs that incorporate different factors.
Enfocus in Gent, Belgium, and Alwan Color Expertise, Lyon, France, have joined in developing Alwan PDF Standardizer to bring simple, reliable PDF standardization and quality control to the graphic arts.
"Europe cannot and must not be dispersed into a myriad of provinces, into a multiplicity of self-enclosed idioms or petty little nationalisms." It cannot renounce its position as the "place of great circulation or heavy traffic, the great avenues or thorough-fares of translation and communication, and thus, of mediatization," nor can it allow itself the role of hegemon, of centralizing authority, of standardizer of all forms of diversity and plurality.
Toolkits included within the package: The Marvin Java applet family for creating chemical queries, viewing results and ligand/macromolecular analysis; JChem Base and JChem Cartridge to allow chemical searching and database management; Standardizer allowing business rules for structure management and Calculator Plugins to provide a range of structure based properties interesting to researchers for content held by the provider.