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n. pl. stand·bys
1. One that can always be relied on, as in an emergency.
2. One kept in readiness to serve as a substitute.
3. A mode of operation for a computer, television, or other electronic device in which the power is on and the device is ready for immediate use.
1. Kept in reserve for use when needed: a standby generator.
2. Of, relating to, or waiting for unreserved travel space that is made available by an airline only shortly before departure: standby passengers.
On a standby basis: flew standby to New York.
on standby
1. Ready and available.
2. As a standby passenger.



n., pl. -bys,
adj., adv. n.
1. a staunch supporter or adherent.
2. something upon which one can rely, as for regular use.
3. something or someone held ready to serve as a substitute, as in an emergency.
4. a traveler assured of transportation, as on a plane, only when another passenger cancels.
5. kept ready for use as a substitute: a standby player.
6. of, for, or traveling as a standby: a standby flight.
7. as a standby: to fly standby to Rome.
on standby, ready to act immediately when called upon.
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Noun1.standby - something that can be relied on when needed
thing - an artifact; "how does this thing work?"
2.standby - an actor able to replace a regular performer when requiredstandby - an actor able to replace a regular performer when required
actor, histrion, thespian, role player, player - a theatrical performer
Adj.1.standby - ready for emergency use; "a standby generator"; "a standby crew"
secondary - being of second rank or importance or value; not direct or immediate; "the stone will be hauled to a secondary crusher"; "a secondary source"; "a secondary issue"; "secondary streams"


en attente
pripravljenostv pripravljenosti


stand-by [ˈstændbaɪ]
to be a good standby → être très utile
Eggs are a great standby → Les œufs sont toujours très utiles en cas de besoin.
to be on standby [ambulance, troops] → se tenir prêt(e) (à intervenir)
to be put on standby [troops] → être mis(e) en état d'alerte
[provisions] → de réserve
[ticket, flight] → en stand-by, stand-by invstand-by generator ngénérateur m de secoursstand-by passenger npassager/ère m/f en stand-by, passager/ère m/f en attentestand-in [ˈstændɪn] n (gen)remplaçant(e) m/f; (for actor)doublure f


(= person)Ersatz m, → Ersatzperson f; (Sport) → Ersatz- or Auswechselspieler(in) m(f); (= thing)Reserve f; (Aviat: = plane) → Entlastungsflugzeug nt; (= ticket)Stand-by-Ticket nt; (= passenger)Passagier, der mit einem Stand-by-Ticket reist
(= state of readiness) on standbyin Bereitschaft; (= ready for action)in Einsatzbereitschaft; to be on 24-hour standby24 Stunden Bereitschaftsdienst haben
(Tech) → Stand-by-Modus m, → Stand-by nt
adj attr (Mil, Sport) → Reserve-, Ersatz-; standby planeEntlastungsflugzeug nt; standby playerErsatz- or Reservespieler(in) m(f); standby ticketStand-by-Ticket nt
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Associated with such immemorial standbys as the Selfridge Merrys, who were asked everywhere because they always had been, the Beauforts, on whom there was a claim of relationship, and Mr.
Around 78% of Britons leave at least two devices on standby while 53% say their TV stays on even when they are not watching.
Often, a standby power system pays for itself in one power outage.
media tablets and smart phones, as well as consumer electronic products and home networking devices that remain permanently plugged in to the wall in standby.
The standby power refers to electric power that is consumed by an electric appliance while its power is turned off.
In 2007 EPCA was further amended by Congress to address standby power under the Energy Independence and Security Act [4].
Standby fares will be available from AUD59 one-way from Sunday on direct services to and from Christchurch.
The standby consumption of electricity by domestic equipment and power adapters is quite significant.
5" external hard drive, with a standby power requirement of 0.
Standby customers cannot be charged according to the volumetric rate schedule, through which customers pay according to usage, of non-standby customers because of their irregular load shapes.
The main disadvantage of this tool is highly complicated process of standby database creation especially consists of manual parameter setting in the configuration files.
AN4 Group, a technology product provider, announced on 1 December its collaboration with Bye Bye Standby to launch the Professional version of its Energy Manager solution which it will showcase at the BETT 2009 show at Olympia in London between 14-17 January 2009.

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