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Noun1.standing ovation - enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause)standing ovation - enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause)
credit, recognition - approval; "give her recognition for trying"; "he was given credit for his work"; "give her credit for trying"
applause, clapping, hand clapping - a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together
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standing ovation
staande ovatie
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26 at Cultural Center of the Philippines, Espiritu got triple standing ovations with pianist Mariel Ilusorio.
Receiving constant appreciation and consecutive standing ovations from all the judges, the highlight of this episode was Tamasha.
Nowitzki received two standing ovations from the crowd at the game of Dallas Mavericks against Sacramento Kings, where he scored 23 points at the American Airlines Center.
Funny, innovative and magical, the 34-year-old has played to standing ovations and rave reviews in gigs including the BBC Comedy Proms with Tim Minchin at the Royal Albert Hall.
Mr Gibbins said: "With two standing ovations to finish, we made our way back to Bugibba knowing we had upheld and enhanced the reputation of Welsh choral singing on the island.
For some it proves too much but, ultimately, tragedy and triumph combine in a spectacular finale that has prompted standing ovations around the world.
He received 19 standing ovations. Never have so many people been on their feet so often since the last dinner service at The Fat Duck.
Sure, Cowell might give Leona four standing ovations.
Most often with loud applause and cheers and sometimes standing ovations. The event was a stark reminder of just how far outside the mainstream these "values voters" can be.
And when the dancing was over, adoring fans overwhelmed Kent with standing ovations and countless curtain calls.
For Henry Cecil, it was three standing ovations - one on his way to the stage, one when he got there and one as he came back - plus a Cartier Award of Merit.
What is so threatening about her?" And the congregation does indeed support Stroud, who received not one but two standing ovations during her coming-out sermon.