standing wave

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standing wave

A wave that oscillates in place and creates stable nodes of maximum and zero oscillation, produced whenever a wave is confined within boundaries, as in the vibrating string of a musical instrument. Also called stationary wave.

standing wave

(General Physics) physics the periodic disturbance in a medium resulting from the combination of two waves of equal frequency and intensity travelling in opposite directions. There are generally two kinds of displacement, and the maximum value of the amplitude of one of these occurs at the same points as the minimum value of the amplitude of the other. Thus in the case of electromagnetic radiation the amplitude of the oscillations of the electric field has its greatest value at the points at which the magnetic oscillation is zero, and vice versa. Also called: stationary wave Compare node, antinode

stand′ing wave′

a wave in which each point on the wave has a constant amplitude, ranging from zero at the nodes to a maximum, equal to the amplitude of the wave, at the antinodes.

stand·ing wave

A wave that does not appear to move. Standing waves occur when two similar waves travel in opposite directions between two fixed points, called nodes, at which there is no movement. Standing waves can be transverse waves, like ocean waves, or longitudinal waves, like sound waves. Also called stationary wave.
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Noun1.standing wave - a wave (as a sound wave in a chamber or an electromagnetic wave in a transmission line) in which the ratio of its instantaneous amplitude at one point to that at any other point does not vary with time
undulation, wave - (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth
stående våg
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So, understood simply, the fundamental modes in a standing wave of stylistic interconnected communication across not one medium but many media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) is a parameter that relates to the amount of power that's reflected back from the antenna.
To approach the space allowing for it to define the final tone was paramount to its holistic sound value and the resulting quality of the standing wave.
1] [equivalent to] 0 comes from a standing wave solution of (4)-(7).
The patent details Smith Audio's development of the cabinet's low frequency enclosure, and the method used for overcoming the destructive standing wave phenomena.
In the framework of potential flow theory, scientists first restricted their studies to the standing wave solution, which is bounded everywhere.
It is also seen that the power spectra at the large-scale erosion showed clearer node to anti-node behavior, which is in agreement with that predicted by standing wave theory, up to lower frequency of normal wind waves.
When the two waves meet, they combine to form a standing wave (a wave that remains in constant position).
A standing wave on a string has nodal (N) points where the string does not move and antinodal (A) points where the string vibrates up and down with maximum amplitude.
David, 56, said: "We had a full boat and there was a big standing wave.
a It creates a standing wave a by pumping thousands of gallons of water at an inclinec and can be enjoyeo dby complete novices o to board sport enthusiasts.