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 (stănd-ô′fĭsh, -ŏf′ĭsh)
Aloof or reserved.

stand·off′ish·ness n.


reserved, haughty, or aloof
ˌstandˈoffishly adv
ˌstandˈoffishness n


or stand′-off′ish,

tending to be aloof and unfriendly.
stand′off′ish•ly, adv.
stand′off′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.standoffish - lacking cordiality; unfriendly; "a standoffish manner"
unapproachable - discouraging intimacies; reserved; "an unapproachable executive"




[ˌstændˈɒfɪʃ] adj (fam, pej) → scostante, freddo/a
References in classic literature ?
The great and only Max is more stiff and standoffish than ever this year," said Huldah.
He has played the club before, and recalls: "The crowd was a little standoffish at the beginning.
Her standoffish, elderly father rarely leaves his bed, but someone still has to discuss matters of state with werewolves, yokai, zombie generals and more
A complex, nuanced portrait emerges in these pages--and while "Gore" can indeed be brusque, standoffish, even cruel, Mewshaw also catches him in more vulnerable moments.
Emphasise to them that you don't mean to be standoffish.
After appearing standoffish to Juliet, Mark finally confesses that he is in love with her on Christmas, Huffington Post reported.
Although for the most part Google has been standoffish and open source about the use of Android, it has taken steps within the last year to take back more control of the platform.
But as the sons and daughters of those notoriously underprepared Baby Boomers, Gen Xers have reached a point where their standoffish and often cynical approach to life--not to mention financial planning--has mellowed a little, and we could use a little assistance in helping to establish a financial roadmap.
The researchers found that ordinary washed hairs are standoffish with each other at a distance, but get them as close as 15 nanometers and attractive forces kick in.
The Beltsvilles are the most standoffish of the three breeds and the most calm natured; none of the breeds we raise have ever shown any signs of aggression.
As a zoologist, his particular object of academic study was the praying mantis (its brain, to be precise), and one imagines that, should we meet him, he would indeed resemble a large stick insect, brittle and standoffish.