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 (stănd-ô′fĭsh, -ŏf′ĭsh)
Aloof or reserved.

stand·off′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.standoffishness - a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in mannerstandoffishness - a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner
unsociability, unsociableness - an unsociable disposition; avoiding friendship or companionship
unapproachability - a disposition to be unapproachable; unfriendly and inaccessible
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Succession planning has been a weakness of Sturgeon, who has faced complaints of standoffishness from prominent SNP politicians, including Mhairi Black.
There's none of the East Coast standoffishness. And certainly not a drop of Californian fakery.
The implied conclusion is fatalistic: Libertarians are uniquely doomed to struggle against our natural extremism, factionalism, standoffishness. Our inability to face the same direction and march together is an inextricable part of our characters and will always spell our defeat against our collectivist enemies.
Indeed, other progressive groups may likely view such standoffishness as a betrayal.
I'm hoping the academy can overcome its on-again, off-again standoffishness in regard to comic-book movies and make this a genuine awards-season contender.
While the bundle of enthusiasm steadily picked up a spot as the teacher's pet, the indifferent one's silent defiance -- that the teachers were familiar with -- had ballooned into a sense of cold standoffishness and resentment.
In the North East, we are recognised as being friendly and approachable; and I agree that compared to the standoffishness we experience among London commuters, for instance, we are a lot more welcoming.
Down the ladder, Bahriatownisation of middle class and their standoffishness with lower classes is giving birth to a serious class gap.
Mr Klopp was so nice to us, chatting away, no standoffishness, no stardust about him, just a lovely man who appreciated meeting one of his fans.
Thoreau's notion of self-sufficiency did not involve standoffishness, then, and it made ample room for conviviality and company.
This may be good in the case of antifeminist Lori but a personal standoffishness prevents her from building relationships with Maggie, Carol, Patricia, or even Beth.
(72) Apparently, Clinton mistook Breyer's actions as standoffishness and arrogance.