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One that is conspicuous by virtue of excellence or superiority: "In the hard-working ... supporting cast, there are two standouts" (New York).


or stand′-out`,

1. a person, performance, etc., that is clearly superior to others.
2. outstanding; superior.
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Informal. Far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary:
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Man of the match in last year's Grand Final, was an early season standout until a shoulder injury ruled him out for over two months in May.
'I have to embrace the role as the leader of this team,' said Tayongtong, a former Emilio Aguinaldo College and Arellano U standout. 'We lost a lot of great players that's why it's important for me to step up and help my new teammates.'
WASHINGTON DC:In response to escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, peace-lovers around the globe joined hands in a Global StandOut for Peace in South Asia in more than 20 cities across seven countries on Sunday, March 3, 2019.
Dula, a Masville Elementary School standout and veteran of international tournaments, made an impact in the boys' 11-year category, nailing his first new record in the 100m individual medley via a one-minute, 12.15-second showing.
A Manchester band who provided one of the standout sets at the Astral Elevator Psych Weekender last month.
One standout song set to be included on the tracklist is Disco Sympand Kylie, 50, recorded Heavy Entertainment One standout song set to be included on the Symphony, which Robbie, 44, for his last album, The Show, but it never made the final cut.
NEIL LENNON says Martin Boyle has been a standout for Hibs - even if he isn't the standout in his own home.
Former Thurston High and Northwest Christian standout Calvin Green fell in 20 holes to Miguel Delgado.
This year for the 60th festival, standout films included "By The Sea" and "Moonlight." 
FA Insight's biennial analysis of what constitutes "Standout firms" -- those in the top 25% of their peers in four size categories -- offers some real insight into what independent firms can do to become more successful.
CITROEN'S new DS range has proved a winner, being an up-market choice for people looking for a stylish, modern standout motor.