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Noun1.standup comedian - a comedian who uses gags
comedian, comic - a professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts
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Saleem has also been seen on various skits on award shows and has had numerous television appearances but what intrigues everyone and makes her thoroughly unique, is that she is one of the pioneers of the female standup comedian market.
He said 2017 was a very good year, highlighted by a Best Standup Comedian trophy he got from the 2017 Aliw Awards.
MIAMI A Florida newspaper reports that actor and standup comedian Hannibal Buress was arrested on a disorderly intoxication charge after an encounter with a police officer.
Gottfried, a standup comedian, is best known for a series of improvised short promos for MTV in 1980s, according to (https://www.
An 85-member is coming from Kathmandu for the show, which will see performances by top 12 contestants and India TV dance reality show winner Teria Magar, singer Hemanta Rana and standup comedian Kedar Ghimire.
Some cool standup comedian will have you in splits on Netflix and a classic video game gets its own animated series.
Up to 15 writers work on the show, including cast member Khalid Mansour a comedian, writer, and lawyer by trade; Shady Alfons, a comedian, and actor who had his big screen acting debut in Emirati movie From A to B; and George Azmi, popular standup comedian who has a large loyal youth fan base online, who made his name with his witty observations on Arab life.
Popular Qatari standup comedian and social media influencer Hamad al Amari has been announced as the brand ambassador of Baba Chapatea, a Qatari homegrown cafe.
Hosted by standup comedian, cricket humorist and author Vikram Sathaye, each of the 10 episodes of the series will feature a cricket celebrity with interesting anecdotes and insightful stories.
Muscat: People have started to respect the art of standup comedy, Russel Peters, the world famous standup comedian, said.
The ad for the Indian-Arab market executed by boutique production house, Boom Man Studios stars the famous funny-bone, standup comedian Nitin Mirani & his fiance, Madhu Sneha.
Summary: Bahraini standup comedian, debt collector, Capoeirista and founder of Misfitz, a sketch comedy group.