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Noun1.stanhopea - any of various orchids of the genus Stanhopea having a single large leaf and loose racemes of large fragrant flowers of various colors; Mexico to Brazil
orchid, orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
genus Stanhopea - genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids
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Flowers found range from flamboyant hibiscus shrubs, which flower most of the time, to exotic orchids such as stanhopea, which only flowers for a couple of days a year.
Some grow downwards Stanhopea, from the rainforests of central and south America, flower out of the bottom of the container from which they grow, so are best grown in wired hanging baskets.
Here she offers some weird and wonderful facts about orchids: SOME GROW DOWNWARDS STANHOPEA, from the rainforests of central and south America, flower out of the bottom of the container so are best grown in wired hanging baskets.
Dos especies estan incluidas en la Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-059-SE-MARNAT-2010 (SEMARNAT, 2010) como especies amenazadas: Oncidium incurvum y Stanhopea oculata (G.
Highlights will include an autographed copy of Charles Darwin's Notes on the Fertilization of Orchids, published in 1869, and a colored lithograph of Stanhopea devoniensis, originally named in honor of the sixth Duke of Devonshire, whose collection of orchids at Chatsworth House started the orchid craze in Victorian Britain.
Bosque de niebla Bosques tropicales Bosques de pino y encino-pino Acineta barkeri Kefersteinia lactea Bletia amabilis Arpophyllum medium Leochilus Cypripedium cocodriliceps irapeanum Cochleanthes Oncidium andreanum Encyclia flabelliformis pollardiana Goodyera Oncidium crista-galli Habenaria mitodes dolabripetala Habenaria agapitae Oncidium luridum Isochilus aurantiacus Lepanthes acuminata Papperitzia leiboldii Oncidium stramineum Lephanthes tenuiloba Pleurothallis Oncidium suttonii microphylla Pleurothallis Psygmorchis pusilla dolichopus Pleurothalis Scaphyglottis tuerckheimii crurigera Restrepia muscifera Stanhopea inodora Stelis tenuissima Trichosalpin x Trichosalpin x greenwodiana tamayoana
75 Orquidea blanca Euchile mariae (Ames) Withner 76 Orquidea calavera Stanhopea tigrina Bateman ex Lindl 77 Orquidea pasto Isochilus unilateralis B.L.
caudatum (Rodriguez 2000) y Stanhopea tigrina (Moreno y Menchaca 2007) las mayores tasas de crecimiento se observaron en los tratamientos suplementados con agua de coco y pulpa de platano, tan igual a lo observado en esta investigacion.
Stanhopea oculata Mexico, Veracruz, - (Lodd.) Lindl.
(20) Encontrar el "torito" (Stanhopea oculata) se volvio una obsesion; la flor es tan bella como el perfume a vainilla que expide.