stapling machine

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Noun1.stapling machine - a machine that inserts staples into sheets of paper in order to fasten them together
machine - any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
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We have woodwork and carpentry power tools such as cutting saw, abrasive machine, stapling machine and others like sewing machine which all costed around P20 000 which dug from our pockets,' Mr Tsatsilebe said.
"The bite went through my right (throwing) hand just like a stapling machine and I ended up in hospital."
On the other hand everything that we use in our office is imported starting from stapling machine to its pins.
(b) a stapling machine for belts, (c) spare parts for mono type pumps, (d) forged & sloped steel rods, (e) control valves, (f) Sidaros joints & (g) transmission couplings as per drawings.
(4) Walt "AuctionWally" Kolenda of Barre looks at an antique wire spool stapling machine brought in during Antiques Appraisal Day at the Overlook Masonic Health Center in Charlton last month.