star drill

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: drill - a steel rock drill with a star-shaped point that is used for making holes in stones or masonry; it is operated by hitting the end with a hammer while rotating it between blows
bore bit, borer, rock drill, stone drill - a drill for penetrating rock
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Add to that, today, it is the era of the conscious traveller who wants to go eco- friendly, try new experiences and is tired of the same five- star drill.
Each drill can be done independently or combined into one drill, which we call the Star Drill.
To fasten vines or trellises to stucco or masonry, you'll need a slow-speed drill with a masonry bit or a star drill.
The STAR drill can be used either indoors or outdoors.
* Agility quick feet drills: 5 repetitions of Star Drill, T-drill, and Ladder drill
In September 2018, the Bright Star drills were carried out between US, Egypt, and other countries at the Mohamed Naguib military base in Matrouh.
The former Xavier star drilled the pressure-packed trey from the top of the arc to put the Blue Eagles up, 77-76, with 17.3 seconds left before Jeo Ambohot turned the ball over for the Knights in the ensuing possession.
And the Durham star drilled down the ground to become the first man, of 11 half-century makers in the match, to convert to three figures.
MACKAY AND DRY Saints star drills home the second goal