star magnolia

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: magnolia - deciduous shrubby magnolia from Japan having fragrant white starlike flowers blooming before leaves unfoldstar magnolia - deciduous shrubby magnolia from Japan having fragrant white starlike flowers blooming before leaves unfold; grown as an ornamental in United States
magnolia - any shrub or tree of the genus Magnolia; valued for their longevity and exquisite fragrant blooms
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You can visit any plant department in the spring and be pointed in the direction of (for example) a Star Magnolia in full bloom.
Magnolia stellata, the star magnolia Magnolia magic for my mum When I smell a magnolia's perfume and see its glorious flowers, I am reminded of my mum Jeannie.
x soulangeana, whose flowers are borne on bare stems and vary from white to pink to violet-purple, or the more compact star magnolia, M.
If you have limited space, go for the star magnolia, M.
The valleys along the Dochula mountain pass from Thimpu to Punakha in Bhutan are scattered with rhododendrons and star magnolia trees in vivid splashes of pink, orange, red, and white, providing a stunning background to the mighty Punakha dzong (fortress), temples, and chortens (stupas) along the route.
Some tree species suitable for planting beneath power lines include Redbud, Dogwood, Crabapple, Washington Hawthorne, Eastern Rosebud, Star Magnolia and the Smooth Sumac.
MAGNOLIA STELLATA THE star magnolia is a beautiful shrub with white flowers, which, as its name suggests, are arranged like a star.
If you want a bit of springtime colour from shrubs you plant now then there should be a good selection to choose from - how about a flowering currant with flower trusses in red or pink each up to 10cm (4in) long, a star magnolia, magnolia stellata with breathtakingly beautiful white or palest pink star-shaped flowers on bare stems?
The other the star magnolia, grows to only 10 feet and has white flowers.
More broad than tall, the Star Magnolia leads the parade of magnolias each spring.
ANSWERS: Q1 The Yorkshire Bank; Q2 Blue Hall; Q3 Hilton; Q4 A wild service tree (Sorbus Tormanalis) and Star Magnolia (Magnolia Stellata); Q5 Louise Jameson (Leela); Q6 Park End Primary School; Q7 Nine years old; Q8 Baltic arts centre, Gateshead; Q9 Tockets Mill; Q10 The Tees-Thames Express.