star topology

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: topology - the topology of a network whose components are connected to a hub
network topology, topology - the configuration of a communication network
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Jakko summed up the benefits of the new system thus: 'The e-NAPPS is designed as a star topology in a centrally managed server-client model that links the data center at the headquarters of the Nigerian Army Finance Corps at Apapa, with the NA, 8 divisions, Guards Brigade, Army Headquarters Garrison, APPO and TRADOC finance offices for administration of troops' pay and allowances'.
By mapping Indian networks, the author shows that the communication network that the governor imagined as a star topology around himself was actually a subset of a larger inter-Timucua network, with "several important nodes, far more connections, and no clear center" (figure 3.1, figure 3.2).
One of the other proposed network protocol models used TCP/IP communication with a star topology structure, supporting a maximum communication speed of 100 Mbps.
IEEE 802.15.4 supports the following types of network topologies: the star topology, the tree topology, and the mesh topology.
Our SDN architecture uses a star topology to mitigate the effects of flow table overloading attacks.
To manage the protocol, specification and infrastructure complexities (Figure 4), the LoRa Alliance chose an architecture that uses a "star topology." It is similar to WiFi (with end points and access points), with one significant difference: all access points receive messages transmitted by end points (see Figure 5).
Given a star topology with k leaves, each node in the star represents an agent.
(ii) Star topology test in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) to determine achievable communication range.
So, if you take the home network star topology, but then allow the smart phone, laptop, and Xbox to talk directly to each other, you have a mesh topology.
The LoRaWAN protocol's star topology eliminates synchronisation overhead and hops, compared to mesh networks, which reduces power consumption and enables multiple concurrent applications to run on the network.
The possible network topologies are Star topology, Tree topology and Mesh topology.