star tulip

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tulip - small plant with slender bent stems bearing branched clusters of a few white star-shaped flowers with petals shaped like cat's ears; southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon to Montana
Calochortus, genus Calochortus - large genus of western North American leafy-stemmed bulbous herbs
mariposa, mariposa lily, mariposa tulip - any of several plants of the genus Calochortus having tulip-shaped flowers with 3 sepals and 3 petals; southwestern United States and Mexico
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The gentle formula includes a proprietary "Zen Blend" of biodynamically farmed flower essences, including star tulip (calming) and manzanita (centering and joy-inducing).
Regarding the Golden Tulips RevPAR levels, Moukarzel said that as the brand has a mix of three star Tulip Inn hotels, four star Golden Tulips, and five star Royal Tulip properties, and because of this, C[pounds sterling]our RevPAR ranges.
Best horses include Silk Petal, Star Tulip and Scarlet Runner.
Brian Scurrah, development director at Golden Tulip, also said: "I am delighted that work is commencing on another of our successful, new generation three star Tulip Inns.