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n. pl. star-of-Bethlehem or stars-of-Bethlehem (stärz′-)
1. Any of various bulbous perennial herbs of the genus Ornithogalum, especially O. umbellatum, native to the Mediterranean region and having narrow leaves and a cluster of star-shaped white flowers.
2. Any of several similar or related plants.

[After the star that guided the Magi to Bethlehem.]


1. (Plants) Also called: starflower a Eurasian liliaceous plant, Ornithogalum umbellatum, naturalized in the eastern US, having narrow leaves and starlike white flowers
2. (Plants) any of several similar and related plants

Star′ of Beth′lehem

the star that guided the Magi to the manger of the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. Matt. 2:1–10.


n., pl. stars-of-Bethlehem.
1. any plant of the genus Ornithogalum, of the lily family, having grasslike leaves and white, star-shaped flowers.
2. any of various starflowers.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - any of several perennial plants of the genus Ornithogalum native to the Mediterranean and having star-shaped flowers
genus Ornithogalum, Ornithogalum - sometimes placed in family Hyacinthaceae
Ornithogalum umbellatum, sleepy dick, starflower, summer snowflake - common Old World herb having grasslike leaves and clusters of star-shaped white flowers with green stripes; naturalized in the eastern United States
bath asparagus, Ornithogalum pyrenaicum, Prussian asparagus - Old World star of Bethlehem having edible young shoots
chincherinchee, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, wonder flower - South African perennial with long-lasting spikes of white blossoms that are shipped in to Europe and America for use as winter cut flowers
bulbous plant - plant growing from a bulb
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She wore a fingertip-length veil of French tulle edged in Chantilly lace and carried a hand-tied bouquet of Amelia roses, white peonies, star-of-Bethlehem, and stephanotis.
It is not the rain that set the star-of-Bethlehem white above the valley.
Tall stems of white, star-shaped, star-of-Bethlehem lilies grace many Christmas and Easter bouquets.