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angulate, angular - having angles or an angular shape
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The open window looked out upon a sloping lawn, well trimmed and pleasant, with fuzzy rosebushes and a star-shaped bed of sweet-william.
As she sat on the star-shaped sofa waiting for the train, she gazed with aversion at the people coming and going (they were all hateful to her), and thought how she would arrive at the station, would write him a note, and what she would write to him, and how he was at this moment complaining to his mother of his position, not understanding her sufferings, and how she would go into the room, and what she would say to him.
The path narrowed and turned; it was hedged in by dense creepers which knotted tree to tree, and burst here and there into star-shaped crimson blossoms.
The first article of dress which she put on was an old gown of her own (made of the material called "alpaca"), of a dark-brown color, with a neat pattern of little star-shaped spots in white.
Both will produce a profusion of lightly scented, star-shaped fl owers from March to May every year.
Favourite small water lily varieties include Nymphaea helvola, pictured, which has tiny yellow star-shaped flowers and mottled leaves, Nymphaea candida, with its white blooms, and Nymphaea odorata, which has mildly scented flowers.
Line two baking sheets with greaseproof paper, then take a star-shaped cookie cutter and cut the pastry into as many stars as possible.
Besides music, the NIA also prepared Vietnamese star-shaped lanterns for the participants.
[USA], May 26 (ANI): According to a study, star-shaped bread is popular with children and could encourage healthier eating.
The Carle Place, N.Y.-based firm this year is marketing a wide range of plants as well as flowers, often with a focus on pink, and classic tulip bouquets as well as a star-shaped presentation.
The polymers with heat resistance and salt tolerance for tertiary oil recovery have been developed at home and abroad, including HPAM of super-high molecular weight, amphoteric ion polymer, monomer copolymer, hydrophobically associating polymer, multiple composite polymer, comb polymer, and star-shaped polymer.