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adj. starch·i·er, starch·i·est
a. Containing starch.
b. Stiffened with starch.
2. Of or resembling starch.
3. Stiff; formal: "this starchy, old-fashioned hotel room" (Anne Tyler).

starch′i·ly adv.
starch′i·ness n.
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adv (fig)steif
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While Hollywood scrambles to respond accordingly, spectatorship has become something of a social engineering experiment, with viewers internalizing the changes not just philosophically but physiologically: Material that we've long been conditioned to find amusing may now ring cruel or false, while jokes that dare to challenge old, maybe even sacred norms might feel tonally off, starchily polemical or awkwardly shoehorned between otherwise familiar tropes.
From the starchily formal set up to the celebrity shoot much favoured by the late Princess of Wales.
So as starchily official as National Arts Strategies's new Chief Executive Program may sound, the folks who participated in the program's inaugural how last October and November at the University of Michigan's Boss School of Business were anything but a stiff, corporate lot.