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adj. starch·i·er, starch·i·est
a. Containing starch.
b. Stiffened with starch.
2. Of or resembling starch.
3. Stiff; formal: "this starchy, old-fashioned hotel room" (Anne Tyler).

starch′i·ly adv.
starch′i·ness n.
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nişastalı olma


n (fig)Steifheit f, → Förmlichkeit f
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(staːtʃ) noun
1. a white food substance found especially in flour, potatoes etc. Bread contains starch.
2. a powder prepared from this, used for stiffening clothes.
to stiffen (clothes) with starch.
ˈstarchy adjective
like or containing starch. cake, biscuits and other starchy foods.
ˈstarchiness noun
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Perhaps the overall favorite appetizer was the printzov keufteh, a rice-crusted kebbe in which the sweet starchiness of the crispy rice shell blends beautifully with the savory meat-and-pine nut filling.
There are evocations of a host of real-life folkie figures - Paul Clayton; Jim and Jean Glover; Peter, Paul and Mary; Tom Paxton; Ramblin' Jack Elliott; Albert Grossman - that devotees of the folk revival can intuit, but the film is uninterested in biography, in the starchiness of history.
As for the Thanksgiving meal itself, sides like yams and mashed potatoes and gravy have health benefits like being rich in vitamins A and C and potassium, but their starchiness (and any marshmallow topping that's added to yams) give bacteria a Thanksgiving feast of their own.
In Ghana, cultivars with descriptors such as starchiness and stickiness, less dense texture requiring little chewing with strong flavour, and good mouth-feel were appealing to consumers [30].
Boiled or roasted bacon joints are incredibly popular all over Ireland, and go beautifully with the starchiness of potatoes of all kinds.