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adj. starch·i·er, starch·i·est
a. Containing starch.
b. Stiffened with starch.
2. Of or resembling starch.
3. Stiff; formal: "this starchy, old-fashioned hotel room" (Anne Tyler).

starch′i·ly adv.
starch′i·ness n.
nişastalı olma


n (fig)Steifheit f, → Förmlichkeit f


(staːtʃ) noun
1. a white food substance found especially in flour, potatoes etc. Bread contains starch.
2. a powder prepared from this, used for stiffening clothes.
to stiffen (clothes) with starch.
ˈstarchy adjective
like or containing starch. cake, biscuits and other starchy foods.
ˈstarchiness noun
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As for the Thanksgiving meal itself, sides like yams and mashed potatoes and gravy have health benefits like being rich in vitamins A and C and potassium, but their starchiness (and any marshmallow topping that's added to yams) give bacteria a Thanksgiving feast of their own.
Boiled or roasted bacon joints are incredibly popular all over Ireland, and go beautifully with the starchiness of potatoes of all kinds.
Mixed with dots or geometric computer prints, offered straight up in nostalgic wallpaper patterns or blown up in 1940s and '50s retro designs, flowery prints can soften the starchiness of an architecturally structured dress or a skirt that stands primly away from the body.
Taste as you go; the rice should have a slight toothiness to it, but no pasty starchiness inside the grain.
There's a decidedly contemporary and city-slicker feel all round - inside and out - with a deliberate lack of starchiness.