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Adj.1.starchless - lacking starch
starchy - consisting of or containing starch; "starchy foods"
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New mold technology trend for 3-D starchless jelly depositing is a process that has been introduced to manufacture complex shapes at high outputs with low production costs.
At one point, he followed an extreme diet of fruit and starchless vegetables, which he believed would prevent mucus and body odor, even if he didn't use a deodorant or wash regularly.
Jobs would stick to strange diets where he would only eat cereal, carrots or 'starchless vegetables'.
thaliana Columbia-0 and its starchless phosphoglucomutase mutant over a 12-h light/12-h dark growth cycle.
At the heart of the process is the Baker Perkins ServoGel starchless moulding line that allows simultaneous production of different shapes, flavours and colours.
For his finale, West reheated previously smoked tenderloin steaks in a smoked chanterelle mushroom cream sauce and served them with the mashed cauliflower he offers at his restaurants as a starchless side dish for low-carb dieters.
Word is, everyone from models, rappers and actors including Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Aniston are going crazy for Ciroc, the chic new starchless vodka.
Experiments were performed to analyze growth rates, curvature rates, and the extent of curvature in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana (Columbia) plus in reduced-starch (ACG) and starchless (Tc7) mutants.
Indeed, the segregation of genes can be responsible for the presence of starch in ripe pollen grains, for 50% of the pollen is starchless and 50% is starchy (Hixon & Brimhall, 1968).