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n. pl. star·tsy (stärt′sē)
A spiritual adviser, often a monk or religious hermit, in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

[Russian, elder, starets, from Old Church Slavonic starĭtsĭ, elder, from starŭ, old; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈstɑr ɪts, -yɪts)

n., pl. star•tsy (ˈstɑrt si)
a religious teacher or counselor in the Eastern Church, esp. the Russian Orthodox Church.
[1915–20; < Russian stárets elder, derivative of stáryǐ old]
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Noun1.starets - a religious adviser (not necessarily a priest) in the Eastern Orthodox Church
adviser, advisor, consultant - an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
References in classic literature ?
This Superior had been a disciple of the starets Ambrose, who was a disciple of Makarius, who was a disciple of the starets Leonid, who was a disciple of Paussy Velichkovsky.
All possibility of doubt about anything was silenced by obedience to the starets.
All he could do then was to obey the starets, to restrain himself, to undertake nothing, and simply to wait.
In the fourth year of his priesthood, during which the Bishop had been particularly kind to him, the starets told him that he ought not to decline it if he were offered an appointment to higher duties.
He was so alarmed that he wrote about it to the starets.
Next day Father Sergius asked pardon of the Abbot and of the brethren for his pride, but at the same time, after a night spent in prayer, he decided that he must leave this monastery, and he wrote to the starets begging permission to return to him.
Sergius obeyed the starets, showed his letter to the Abbot, and having obtained his permission, gave up his cell, handed all his possessions over to the monastery, and set out for the Tambov hermitage.
The starets (abbot) himself (Eustratius), when praying, was knotting a handkerchief onto his rod so that he could wipe tears that were pouring so intensely that he could not wipe any more or, rather, he could not mind them anymore when being spiritually exalted.
We discover that this monk (Anatoly) is a starets (a prophetic monastic figure) that attracts many people in search of a miracle or wisdom.
2) En la excursion que hiciera en 1878 al monasterio de Optina Pustin, ubicado en la provincia de Tula, donde tuvo ocasion de conversar con un monje que daria lugar a la figura del starets Zosima, figura central en la novela (10).
The starets or holy elder has a long tradition in the Orthodox Church.
Seraphim, the priest who baptized him and was a disciple of one of the last starets, or elders, of the famous monastery of Optino.