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star fruit

or star·fruit (stär′fro͞ot′)

[From the shape of its cross section.]
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(Plants) another name for carambola
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karambóla, stjörnuávöxtur


(staː) noun
1. the fixed bodies in the sky, which are really distant suns. The Sun is a star, and the Earth is one of its planets.
2. any of the bodies in the sky appearing as points of light. The sky was full of stars.
3. an object, shape or figure with a number of pointed rays, usually five or six, often used as a means of marking quality etc. The teacher stuck a gold star on the child's neat exercise book; a four-star hotel.
4. a leading actor or actress or other well-known performer eg in sport etc. a film/television star; a football star; (also adjective) She has had many star rôles in films.
verbpast tense, past participle starred
1. to play a leading role in a play, film etc. She has starred in two recent films.
2. (of a film etc) to have (a certain actor etc) as its leading performer. The film starred Elvis Presley.
ˈstardom noun
the state of being a famous performer. to achieve stardom.
ˈstarry adjective
full of or shining like stars. a starry night; starry eyes.
ˈstarfish noun
a type of small sea creature with five points as arms.


a juicy, yellow, oblong, tropical fruit, which, when cut across, is start-shaped.
ˈstarlight noun
the light from the stars.
ˈstarlit adjective
bright with stars. a starlit night.
star turn
the most successful or spectacular performance or item (in a show etc). The acrobats were the star turn of the evening.
see stars
to see flashes of light as a result of a hard blow on the head.
thank one's lucky stars
to be grateful for one's good luck.
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Key players dominating the fruit concentrate market are Kerry Group Plc., AGRANA group, Dohler group, Coca Cola's minute maid, Capricon, Oceanaa, Acerola, Cherimoya, Lychee and starfruit. Minute maid is leading the orange juice market.
Then add in some tropical fruits, such as starfruit (left), papaya, kiwi, and mango.
Diabetes patients with hard-to-heal wounds could soon have access to a more affordable and effective treatment based on rotten starfruit bacteria and bittergourd extract.
The plantation grows 40 varieties from 20 types of fruits such as starfruit, durian (Musang King, Black Thorn, IOI, D24 and Montong), mango (Red Star, Lily, Harum Manis and Kuinin), coconut (Matag and Pandan), passionfruit, fig, lemon (yellow and green), guava and melons including watermelon, sun melon and winter melon.
Securities and Exchange Commission, affirmed Starfruit Topco Cooperatief U.A.'s (AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals or ANSC) expected Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of 'B+(EXP)' with a Stable Outlook.
A number of colourful orchids with a range of different fruits including starfruit, mango and paw paw have also been destroyed in the blaze.
Parents regularly pelt him with kumquats and starfruit." "Kumquats, I could take," I growled.
The 40 percent ABV gin contains elements of the following local fruit products grown in Taiwan, starfruit, red guava, juniper, coriander, and kumquat, according to Forbes.
A selection of their teas are blended with regional ingredients including cacao, coffee and exotic fruits, including guava, starfruit, lulo and mango.
Aside from its shape and color, the starfruit is also available for all seasons.
In English, the exotic fruit is usually called red angel starfruit, because of its resemblance with the starfruit (Averrhoa carambola).
Foam-mat drying of starfruit (Averrhoa carambola L.) puree: Stability and air drying characteristics.