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He brought up a card, too, with the name of 'Colonel Lysander Stark' engraved upon it.
I had blown out the candle; and the mere thought of Queequeg--not four feet off --sitting there in that uneasy position, stark alone in the cold and dark; this made me really wretched.
And the cavalry, with spurs and sabers urging on horses that could scarcely move, trotted with much effort to the column presented to them- that is to say, to a crowd of Frenchmen stark with cold, frost-bitten, and starving- and the column that had been presented to them threw down its arms and surrendered as it had long been anxious to do.
And the stark and staring eyes: And with laughter loud they heaped the shroud
In brief, I lost my fine faiths in pretty well everything except humanity, and the humanity I retained faith in was a very stark humanity indeed.
She came at once upon a handsomely engraved and colored frontispiece -- a hu- man figure, stark naked.
He consented, and I immediately stripped myself stark naked, and went down softly into the stream.
Matters were going on thus pleasantly and prosperously, in this motley community of white and red men, when, one morning, two stark free trappers, arrayed in the height of savage finery, and mounted on steeds as fine and as fiery as themselves, and all jingling with hawks' bells, came galloping, with whoop and halloo, into the camp.
Now and then a stark Kentucky hunter, in leathern hunting-dress, with rifle on shoulder and knife in belt, strode along.
And you like Beaufort because he's so unlike us." He looked about the bare room and out at the bare beach and the row of stark white village houses strung along the shore.
I cannot feel friendly toward my quondam fellow-American, Napoleon III., especially at this time,--[July, 1867.]--when in fancy I see his credulous victim, Maximilian, lying stark and stiff in Mexico, and his maniac widow watching eagerly from her French asylum for the form that will never come--but I do admire his nerve, his calm self-reliance, his shrewd good sense.
She was suckling a new-born child, and another child, stark naked, was playing at her feet.