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In 2000, Channel 5 broadcast Naked Jungle - a TV show hosted by a starkers Keith Chegwin.
Topless topiarists joined pantless pruners across the country to grab their hoses, rakes and shears and indulged in a spot of starkers outdoor action.
com/venues/liverpool-empire EXHIBITION Starkers A newly-commissioned site-specific piece called Starkers, with Davy and Kristen McGuires, will be available to view at the Williamson Art Gallery.
Merkel embraced the 31-year-old midfielder after the Germans' World Cup triumph in Brazil last year (above) - and once caught him starkers in the dressing room.
Standing completely starkers with three copies of her autobiography covering her modesty, the reality star looked a little taken aback.
Guetta, left, was bizarrely impressed and shared the starkers snap of Liam on Instagram, with the caption: "This guy is the craziest party guy I've ever seen he got totally naked at the Mallorca show.
Performing her song Venus, the singer lifted her frock and removed her nude pants leaving her starkers.
Backstage I see all the men starkers as they get their tan done.
News that a couple have launched an Edinburgh domestic cleaning firm, where staff will do all your household chores while completely starkers, is notable for two reasons.
Sexy Sile Seoige presented her Newstalk show from the Dip, but wouldn't reveal beforehand whether she'd be joining the starkers swim.
The stars who went starkers are in the calendar which costs pounds 7.
Enhanced with a an accompanying CD, a Coda, Starkers recordings available on Amazon.