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Light from a star or stars.


(Astronomy) the light emanating from the stars
1. of or like starlight
2. Also: starlit illuminated by starlight



the light emanating from the stars.
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Noun1.starlight - the light of the stars
light, visible light, visible radiation - (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation; "the light was filtered through a soft glass window"
ضَوء النُّجوم
světlo hvězd
svetlo hviezd
yıldız ışığı


[ˈstɑːlaɪt] Nluz f de las estrellas
by starlighta la luz de las estrellas


[ˈstɑːrlaɪt] n
by starlight → à la lumière des étoiles
in the starlight → à la lumière des étoiles


nSternenlicht nt


[ˈstɑːˌlaɪt] n in the starlightalla luce delle stelle


(staː) noun
1. the fixed bodies in the sky, which are really distant suns. The Sun is a star, and the Earth is one of its planets.
2. any of the bodies in the sky appearing as points of light. The sky was full of stars.
3. an object, shape or figure with a number of pointed rays, usually five or six, often used as a means of marking quality etc. The teacher stuck a gold star on the child's neat exercise book; a four-star hotel.
4. a leading actor or actress or other well-known performer eg in sport etc. a film/television star; a football star; (also adjective) She has had many star rôles in films.
verbpast tense, past participle starred
1. to play a leading role in a play, film etc. She has starred in two recent films.
2. (of a film etc) to have (a certain actor etc) as its leading performer. The film starred Elvis Presley.
ˈstardom noun
the state of being a famous performer. to achieve stardom.
ˈstarry adjective
full of or shining like stars. a starry night; starry eyes.
ˈstarfish noun
a type of small sea creature with five points as arms.


a juicy, yellow, oblong, tropical fruit, which, when cut across, is start-shaped.
ˈstarlight noun
the light from the stars.
ˈstarlit adjective
bright with stars. a starlit night.
star turn
the most successful or spectacular performance or item (in a show etc). The acrobats were the star turn of the evening.
see stars
to see flashes of light as a result of a hard blow on the head.
thank one's lucky stars
to be grateful for one's good luck.
References in classic literature ?
"There's something in this starlight that loosens one's tongue.
The People of the Axe drove them out into the open and finished the fight by starlight among the cattle.
The moon had not risen; but the mysterious glimmer of starlight trembled on the large open space between the trees and the house.
Scenting-dew or starlight pale, Choose no tangled tree-cat trail.
It was starlight. The Weir was full two miles above the spot to which the young men had repaired to watch the storm.
She had arrived at a spot where her footsteps were no longer checked by a hedgerow, and she had wandered vaguely, unable to distinguish any objects, notwithstanding the wide whiteness around her, and the growing starlight. She sank down against a straggling furze bush, an easy pillow enough; and the bed of snow, too, was soft.
You know how that blackness looks on a frosty starlight night.
The green light, strangely enough, did not seem lessened by the surrounding starlight, but had a clearer effect and a deeper green.
you're not worried about anything?" she said, looking intently at his face in the starlight.
It rose abruptly out of the ashen wastes of forest in a sort of hump or shoulder of green turf that looked grey in the starlight. Most of the graves were on a slant, and the path leading up to the church was as steep as a staircase.
If there was a road, I could not make it out in the faint starlight. There was nothing but land: not a country at all, but the material out of which countries are made.
For a quarter of an hour at least I penetrated deeper and deeper into the city, without encountering a living creature on my way--with only the starlight to guide me.