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Adj.1.starlike - resembling a star; "they saw a starlike object in the sky"
starry - abounding with or resembling stars; "a starry night"; "starry illumination"
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What is a starlike punctuation mark SOLUTIONS The 8 Galsworthy; John 7 German; 6 Wear; and Tyne 5 calorie; A4 ship; A3 moon; The 2 Omens; Good 1 uses.
The diamond brightened and hung, still starlike, second after second.
The positive control VEGF showed the highest score, 4, wherein the granuloma was strongly vascularized and a strong starlike network of capillaries was formed around the granuloma.
Some special classes of univalent functions play an important role in geometric function theory because of their geometric properties, such as, the classes of convex, starlike, strongly convex and strongly starlike functions.
Unlike conventional silicone release agents, the new silicone polymers have a starlike structure.
A, B] of Janowski starlike functions [1] consists of f [member of] A satisfying
Making use of a Ruscheweyh operator, we consider a new subclass of univalent functions which generalize the classes of strongly starlike and strongly convex functions.
Today, the coolest known starlike orb is a brown dwarf discovered last year.
When I've been looking back at the video I zoomed in and spotted a starlike shape in the sky, which looked quite like the object from the original video.
The one search that produced a single result turned up an image of a white, starlike lily cast against a rugged ground of tree bark or shale, achingly gorgeous and undeniably poignant--a result that may never turn up again.
A function f [member of] A is said to be starlike of order [alpha] if it satisfies
Brannan and Taha [5] introduced certain subclasses of the biunivalent function class [summation] similar to the familiar subclasses of univalent functions consisting of strongly starlike, starlike, and convex functions.