start back

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w>start back

visich auf den Rückweg machen; we started back for homewir machten uns auf den Heimweg; the rocket started back to earthdie Rakete trat die Rückreise zur Erde an
References in classic literature ?
Tomorrow Uncle Henry and I must start back for Kansas.
I could see many of the younger Counsellors start back in manifest horror, as the Sphere's circular section widened before them.
What was it that made her start back, and gaze upon him for a moment, and then on the ground at her feet, and make as if she would faint on his arm, had he not by opportunely treading on her toes, brought the young lady back to self-control?
I'm a very rich man, that's all, and I shan't miss the money, but I want to feel that Monty is safe till I can start back to England.
I gave an involuntary start back on seeing her, at which she uttered a short laugh, observing, 'I think we are both disappointed.
There warn't no way but to wait for dark, and start back in the canoe and take the chances.
Crabbie's Grand National hero Pineau De Re will start back on the road to Aintree in the autumn.
Business is closed but could easily start back up with some clean up and some fix up.
And tomorrow, Joanne is due to start back in her official role as an official BHA steward at Chepstow racecourse.
Alyssa Young of Marsden Moor National Trust said: "In November the plants were wrapped in fleece to add an extra layer of protection, and there will be a grand unveiling as the volunteers start back again this month.
Antoine-Curier said: "I haven't closed the door on them and I've been told I can train with the club when they start back on June 20 if I haven't found something else by then.
I don't think that 36 is too old to start back - I still feel young," said Pavey.