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The counter movement reaches the starting point of the first movement in the west- Paris- and subsides.
There is a certain mountain which serves as a landmark and a guide for a starting point. I think that is it over there," and the scientist pointed to a distant snow-capped peak.
They were just reaching the dammed-up stream on their way to the starting point. Several of the riders were in front and several behind, when suddenly Vronsky heard the sound of a horse galloping in the mud behind him, and he was overtaken by Mahotin on his white-legged, lop-eared Gladiator.
We must take, then, for our starting point, this velocity of 800 yards.
I don't ask you to reveal it, but I will suppose a case--a case which you will answer as a starting point for the real thing I am going to come at, and that's all I want.
We expect a bold show." Eastern Anthem, who sprang a minor shock when winning the Sheema Classic, will have his first start since rejoining Godolphin in the Coronation Cup, a race being used as "a starting point" for the five-year-old, whose Dubai rider Ahmed Ajtebi was reported last month to be his possible long-term partner.
Once you have a good grasp of what you love to do and what you're good at, you've found your starting point and you can take the next step toward developing your skill into a money-making venture.
The estate is below the inheritance tax starting point, but will they have to pay any other tax?S W A: There is no income tax, capital gains tax, or any other tax due on your assets when you die - only inheritance tax.
Starting Point launched its program recently with help from the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team.
GLASGOW is to be one of the starting points for the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time since 1973.
MPI designed the Starting Point Program to help coating raw materials suppliers accelerate acceptance of their most strategic resin or additive technologies by letting MPI provide independent, industry-recognized verification that formulations based on their product meet MPI's performance standards.
Coun Isabel Hunter, Executive Member for Culture at Northumberland County Council, said: "The internet makes an ideal starting point for this sort of research."