startle reflex

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Noun1.startle reflex - a normal reflex of young infants; a sudden loud noise causes the child to stretch out the arms and flex the legs
startle, jump, start - a sudden involuntary movement; "he awoke with a start"
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At birth an infant has very few resources to understand any sensory information and the Moro startle reflex allows the infant to instantly respond to threat.
15) observed a reduced acoustic startle reflex in patients suffering from OT.
A startle reflex that is elicited by an unpredicted noise is referred to as an acoustic or audiogenic startle reflex, (Wilkens, Hallett, & Wess, 1986; Brown, Rothwell, Thompson, Britton, Day, & Marsden, 1991; Gluck, Mercado, & Myers, 2008).
You can be startled, and your startle reflex can cause you to clutch the trigger during the moment there is a chambered round, but before you get the safety on.
The fly's visual startle reflex caused by the flash had a latent period of less than 5 ms and, perhaps, only 2 ms.
These benefits include a reduction in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death) risk by encouraging back sleeping, soothing of stress, colic and crying, a reduction of the startle reflex (the moro reflex) which can wake babies, longer sleep times, and more.
The patients present with a potentially life-threatening exaggerated startle reflex.
The researchers concluded that the mirror neuron system is involved in emotional processing since the startle reflex was modulated by primes of emotionally congruent biological motion.
Also known as 'startle syndrome', the disorder leaves children with an exaggerated startle reflex and prolonged muscle stiffness.