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v. starved, starv·ing, starves
1. To suffer or die from extreme or prolonged lack of food.
2. Informal To be hungry.
3. To suffer from deprivation: a puppy starving for attention.
4. Archaic To suffer or die from cold.
1. To cause to starve.
2. To force to a specified state by starving: starved the town into submission.

[Middle English sterven, to die, from Old English steorfan; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.starved - suffering from lack of food
malnourished - not being provided with adequate nourishment
2.starved - extremely hungry; "they were tired and famished for food and sleep"; "a ravenous boy"; "the family was starved and ragged"; "fell into the esurient embrance of a predatory enemy"
hungry - feeling hunger; feeling a need or desire to eat food; "a world full of hungry people"
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When they came opposite, and could make themselves heard across the murmuring of the river, their first cry was for food; in fact, they were almost starved. Mr.
Then he adapted himself to circumstances by turning away as many workmen as he could not find customers or cotton for; and they, of course, starved or subsisted on charity.
If he hadn't starved himself, he wouldn't have been caught by La Grippe.
It looked as if the easterly weather had come to stay for ever, or, at least, till we had all starved to death in the held-up fleet - starved within sight, as it were, of plenty, within touch, almost, of the bountiful heart of the Empire.
In this way they starved along until the 8th of October, when they were joined by a party of five families of Nez Perces, who in some measure reconciled them to the hardships of their situation by exhibiting a lot still more destitute.
The short, rather plump wife of a starved grocer, and the mother of two children withal, this lieutenant had already earned the complimentary name of The Vengeance.
Saint Antoine slept, the Defarges slept: even The Vengeance slept with her starved grocer, and the drum was at rest.
"No one ever starved to death in Oz," declared Dorothy, positively; "but people may get pretty hungry sometimes."
In about five days' time the vagrants, tired with wandering, and almost starved with hunger, having chiefly lived on turtles' eggs all that while, came back to the grove; and finding my Spaniard, who, as I have said, was the governor, and two more with him, walking by the side of the creek, they came up in a very submissive, humble manner, and begged to be received again into the society.
The end will come when our demands are satisfied, and our demands will be satisfied when we have starved our employers into submission, as we ourselves in the past have often been starved into submission."
They're doped, straight doped when they're fresh, and starved afterward so as to making a saving on the dope.
They're half starved, she and her child," the woman proceeded, turning to me.