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One that is starving or being starved.
1. Starving.
2. Poor in quality; inadequate.


a. a starving or poorly fed person, animal, etc
b. (as modifier): a starveling child.
insufficient; meagre; scant
[C16: from starve + -ling1]


(ˈstɑrv lɪŋ)

1. a person, animal, or plant that is starving.
2. starving; suffering from lack of nourishment.
3. entailing or suggesting starvation.
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Noun1.starveling - someone who is starving (or being starved)
pauper - a person who is very poor


n (dated)Hungerleider m
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The schoolmaster now bestowed both whip and heel upon the starveling ribs of old Gunpowder, who dashed forward, snuffling and snorting, but came to a stand just by the bridge, with a suddenness that had nearly sent his rider sprawling over his head.
Are those three yonder that to my disordered eyes are starveling swine-herds --"
You, too, know the discouragement of sowing lovely seed in rocky earth, in sand, in water, and (it almost seems sometimes) in mud; knowing that if anything comes up at all it will be some poor starveling plant.
They all then made a starveling repast; but gathering round the fire, talked over past dangers and troubles, soothed themselves with the persuasion that all were now at an end, and went to sleep with the comforting hope that the morrow would bring them into plentiful quarters.
An unclean starveling wrapped a gaudy table-cloth about his loins, and hung a white rag over my shoulders.
It was a starveling sort of hope that lived a lingering life in me until to-day.
But therein, as I found, dwelt now John Field, an Irishman, and his wife, and several children, from the broad-faced boy who assisted his father at his work, and now came running by his side from the bog to escape the rain, to the wrinkled, sibyl-like, cone-headed infant that sat upon its father's knee as in the palaces of nobles, and looked out from its home in the midst of wet and hunger inquisitively upon the stranger, with the privilege of infancy, not knowing but it was the last of a noble line, and the hope and cynosure of the world, instead of John Field's poor starveling brat.
They cheered--with shrill starveling voices they cheered.
For the People's Theatre, Bottom will be played by Pete McAndrew, Flute by Michael 'Reg' White, Quince by Jo Kelly, Starveling by Mike Smith, Snout by Stuart Douglas and Snug by Gordon Russell.
A voracious Gory Trying to challenge your glory Spoiled the innocent space Slapped the moon's face In no place We are still alive Beside hope's mirage Winning oblivion with nothingness Time still hanging around Exactly aimless Our globe swivels round And always feeling restless Pain is countless As the stars take to the air without wings The light elongates to a masked face Beauty dies in time As my city buried in lightless Justice possesses loss of balance It might stand up on two legs Shameless Freedom is wearing no dress Naked on streets Walking mindless The poor are starveling Our permanent address Bitterness is timeless Yes, hopeless Yes, useless Yes, jobless Yes, homeless Yes, our value is always less Never be God's bliss
The cast includes RSC Associate Artist Joe Dixon as Bottom, Peter de Jersey as Oberon, Ricky Champ as Snout, Jim Hooper as Starveling and Mark Hadfield as Puck.
The last stanza reads: "Go then, a starveling girl / With no perfume or pearls, / Only your nudity / O my beauty