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Noun1.state attorney - a prosecuting attorney for a state
prosecuting attorney, prosecuting officer, prosecutor, public prosecutor - a government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state
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stiffening penalties for a wide variety of crimes - and not enough investment in getting the resources and tools to law enforcement to solve more crimes,'' said Nathan Barankin, a spokesman for state Attorney General Bill Lockyer.
The people responsible for putting criminals behind bars should not be facing furloughs," said 13th Circuit State Attorney Mark Ober, left, president of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association.
Ensconced in his tidy office at Santa Anita, Van de Kamp - a former federal public defender, county District Attorney and state Attorney General - has helped bring racing into the 21st Century.
Rushing to sell Intermix to protect themselves from personal liability from management misdeeds and insider trading, including: artificially inflating business metrics; ramping up activities in a business division under investigation by the New York State Attorney General; and selling $25 million of Intermix stock with the benefit of inside information.
For the last several years, state attorney offices across Florida have suffered from alarming levels of prosecutor turnover.
Restore Our Airport Rights leaders said they are confident they can beat a legal threat because the state Attorney General's Office and the U.
NEW YORK -- In commenting on developments announced today by the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Insurance Superintendent, Michael G.
Attorney Alex Acosta, along with Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz, and several mayors, police chiefs, state representatives, and senators attended the symposium.
Second, personnel from the California State Attorney General's office are currently reviewing all of our information and the Attorney General has agreed to consider the filing of cases deemed most appropriate for handling by his office.
In his 11 years as state attorney general, he has served as an aggressive political figure and activist, crusading against tobacco companies and creating a name for himself as a consumer advocate.
Ask any former assistant state attorney about his or her fondest moment in their legal career and the vast majority will come back to an episode during their time as a prosecutor.
Six days after a bloody shooting rampage through the San Fernando Valley, state Attorney General Bill Lockyer announced the formation of a Civil Rights Commission on Hate Crimes on Monday.

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